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The Law Foundation of Nova Scotia was created in 1976 by an amendment to the Barristers and Solicitors Act, which was replaced in May 2005 by the Legal Profession Act. The Legal Profession Act is the governing legislation of lawyers in Nova Scotia. The Law Foundation Regulations were made under the authority of the Legal Profession Act  



The Law Foundation of Nova Scotia's Grant Application Form is available to download in MS Word format.
Budget Form for all applications
Excel format / PDF

Deadline for 2020-21 grants: September 18, 2019


  << See our Grants Review and Future Directions Report (March 2017) >>  
  The objects of the Foundation are:  

"to establish and maintain a fund to be used for the examination, research, revision and reform of and public access to the law, legal education, the administration of justice in the Province and other purposes incidental or conducive to or consequential upon the attainment of any such objects."


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